Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have been getting a lot of feedback about starting a Miyata Bicycles fan site and I decided to make a Blog showing off your favorite Miyata bikes .

If you have any great photos to share, feel free to send them at

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  1. hello i aquired a seven ten looks in great shape hardly used but have no idea how old it is.

  2. Hernan,

    I have a Miyata Carbontech 5000... I bought it back in 1989 I still ride it today. Since you are the "Bike Guru" I was wondering if you ever run across other people with these bikes? And if you would have any idea of what they are worth .. I would never sell it but it would be nice to know what they are worth now days. I think back in '89 it retailed for about $2,900.

    Thanks !


  3. Hernan,

    I am a Miyata man myself. I have a CT3000, and a Team Ridge runner. I love them both, but only really used my Ridge runner.

    Even after all these years they are still great bikes...

  4. My Miyata has the 70's head badge and judging by the serial it was manufactured in 1978.

    The serial # is H54111 and there is another stamp at the end that looks like it might be a 1 but is slightly angled.

    The bike has been repainted and the original decals are long gone.

    Any Idea what model bike this was originally?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Email me at or post here.

    Thank you in advance

  5. Hi all.
    My Miyata's frame is D****** frame serial, so it's should be from seventies.
    I'm looking for the headbadge cause i'm going to repaint it. Someone has some info?
    Thanks in advance!
    My mail: quantika(AT)

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  8. Hi,

    I have a Miyata "A" serial # bike that has been unused for 6-years or so. I thought I would use it as a parts bike for my "J" that I use as my daily rider.
    According to what I see, it was made in 1972. Is this an unusual find? It is in great shape..just a few scratches. The decal at the bottom of the center post says "made in Japan", which my "J" frame does not have.
    Can you tell me more about it?


  9. Hi everyone!! I'm looking foe 70's Koga bottles, pump and replacement decals, any ideas?

    Many thanks in advance!


  10. Hi! Great to find your blog! I bought a 2nd hand koga several years ago, and have loved every moment of ownership! I am however, a little confused, because I cant find any reference to the model I've got.

    The frame number is L728377 and it is liveried as a 'Koga Miyata Superwinner' (white frame with blue decals) with no numbers whatsoever on the frame. Its running on Shimano 600 kit, and pretty much everything with the exception of the front wheel and brake blocks is original!

    I'm now hoping to restore the bike at some point, but am having an awful time trying to find parts for even routine repairs (rear cassette anyone?). Is there anywhere I can buy new old stock Koga kit?

    Any advice you can offer will be very gratefully received!

  11. Dear Friends:

    To find info in your Miyata Bicycles sold in Canada go to for bicycles sold outside Canada please contact the representative in your Country. For Koga Miyatas contact Koga Miyata.

  12. Hi

    Just got a 1989 618 GT for a case of Keiths! A friend found it in the trash and it is a bit big for him. The rear hub is shot and it needs a little work. I am planning on turning it into a rondo bike. I put a 36/52 FSA Carbon Crank on it yesterday and a new handlebar with Shimano brake levers. It is a 63 CM and it is exactly the same frame size as my 1987 Concord Squadra. The 618 has room for some fat tires and and fenders something I have been looking for. The plan is to put Campy Athena 11 Speed levers, Derailleurs and hub on it for next years rando season. Had my first ride today and did 60 K on some trails, the 32 mm tires worked great. Thinking about getting it painted next year but I wasn't going keep it the Miyata colours or decals. But after reading the blog perhaps I should try and find some decals and at least keep the frame as a recognizable Miyata. Going to do a road road tomorrow just to see how it works. Great site ...I like the catalogs.

  13. Hi Miyata Enthusiast,

    We have a Miyata 310 and it is all Original Equipment including a Milage Counter mounted on the front wheel.

    Any idea what this Model 310 is worth?


  14. I have an i 841935 -pel 7994 i need mor information about my bike

  15. Hello? I happen to have a vintage Miyata bicycle. I suppose it was produced in mid-1950s. The serial number is M60145. Pleaes let me know what I can learn from the serial number about the bike.

  16. Hernan:
    ¿Do you have information about the Miyata model "The Mister"? I´m from Argentina, and a guy is selling one, and I´ll like to get more information? Thanks

  17. Hello, i have a the mister cycle with serial number starting with 06. Can i get the detail for this bicycle?

  18. I have a red tandem Mr cycle from the 50s or 60s. Has anyone else seen one of these?